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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
H3908N - Non-Western Literature in Translation
10/31/2017AddH3908N9896/Oakton Community CollegeEGL 130/Introduction to Global Literature3 Sem cr01/01/2018 
S2923D - Histories of Cultural or Ethnic Minority Groups in the U.S.
10/30/2017AddS2923D7118/Parkland CollegeHIS 121/African-American History 1865-Present3 Sem cr08/01/2017 
S3900 - Principles of Economics
10/30/2017AddS39007119/Rend Lake CollegeECON 1101/Introduction to Economics3 Sem cr08/01/2017 
P1905 - Earth Science
10/23/2017AddP19056656/College of DuPageEARTH 1131/Fundamentals of Oceanography3 Sem cr08/01/2017 
P1900 - General Education Physics
10/23/2017AddP19001654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)Physics 231/General Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion4 Sem cr08/01/2017 
P1901L - Physics and Society
10/23/2017AddP1901L3961/Harper CollegePHY 112/Energy and Society4 Sem cr08/01/2017 
P9900L - General Physical Science
10/19/2017AddP9900L7170/Lincoln Land Community CollegeASD 101/Physical Science4 Sem cr01/01/2018 
HF908 - Film and Literature
10/16/2017AddHF9081747/Rock Valley CollegeLIT 141/Film and Literature3 Sem cr01/01/2018 
L1905 - Environmental Biology
10/11/2017ChangeL19058076/John A. Logan CollegeGEO 215/Environomental Biology => GEO 215/Environomental Biology3 Sem cr08/15/2016 => 08/01/2016 
10/11/2017EndL19058076/John A. Logan CollegeGEO 215/Survival of Humans: Environmental Studies3 Sem cr08/15/201308/15/2016
10/11/2017ChangeL19058076/John A. Logan CollegeGEO 215/Environmental Biology => GEO 215/Environomental Biology3 Sem cr08/15/2016 
M1905 - Discrete Mathematics
10/30/2017ChangeM19059896/Oakton Community CollegeMAT 144/Discrete Mathematics => MAT 144/Discrete Mathematics3 Sem cr08/01/2017 => 05/01/1998 
P9900L - General Physical Science
10/23/2017ChangeP9900L1640/Prairie State CollegePHYSC 111/Physical Science => PHYSC 111/Physical Science4 Sem cr08/01/2017 => 05/01/1998 
S7900 - Introduction to Sociology
10/30/2017ChangeS79007692/Moraine Valley Community CollegeSOC 101/General Sociology => SOC 101/General Sociology3 Sem cr08/01/2017 => 05/01/1998 

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