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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
EGR941 - Engineering Design Graphics/CAD
01/04/2017AddEGR9418076/John A. Logan CollegeEGR 101/Engineering Graphics3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
BIO910 - Introductory Sequence for Biological Sciences Majors
01/04/2017EndBIO9107694/College of Lake CountyBIO 161/General Biology I4 Sem cr05/01/200908/15/2014
No Course Found
01/04/2017ChangeBIO910 => BIO9108076/John A. Logan CollegeBIO 101/Biological Sciences 1 => BIO 101/Biological Sciences 14 Sem cr01/01/2011 => 11/10/2016
BIO910 - Introductory Sequence for Biological Sciences Majors
01/04/2017ChangeBIO9108076/John A. Logan CollegeBIO 101/Biological Sciences 1 => BIO 101/Biological Sciences 14 Sem cr01/01/2011 
01/04/2017DeleteBIO9108076/John A. Logan CollegeBIO 101/Biological Sciences 14 Sem cr11/10/2016 
01/04/2017ChangeBIO91010020/Lewis & Clark Community CollegeBIOL 134/General Botany => BIOL 134/General Botany4 Sem cr05/01/2004 
01/04/2017DeleteBIO91010020/Lewis & Clark Community CollegeBIOL 134/General Botany4 Sem cr06/06/2016 
01/04/2017EndBIO9101643/Spoon River CollegeBIO 106/Principles of Biology II3 Sem cr08/15/200401/01/2016
01/04/2017EndBIO9101761/Springfield College in IllinoisBIO 107/Biological Organisms & Ecology4 Sem cr01/01/200408/15/2015
01/04/2017EndBIO9101761/Springfield College in IllinoisBIO 106/Cellular Biology I4 Sem cr01/01/200408/15/2015
BUS901 - Business Statistics
01/05/2017EndBUS9011761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 125/Statistics with Apps3 Sem cr05/01/199901/01/2017
01/05/2017EndBUS9011761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 125/Statistics with Apps3 Sem cr05/01/199905/01/2015
BUS902 - Computer Applications for Business
01/05/2017EndBUS9021761/Springfield College in IllinoisBUS 105/Bus Computer Systems3 Sem cr05/01/199905/01/2015
CHM911 - General Chemistry I
01/05/2017EndCHM9111761/Springfield College in IllinoisCHE 111/General Chemistry4 Sem cr08/15/200005/01/2015
CHM912 - General Chemistry II
01/05/2017EndCHM9121761/Springfield College in IllinoisCHE 112/General Chemistry II4 Sem cr05/01/200105/01/2015
CHM913 - Organic Chemistry I
01/05/2017EndCHM9131761/Springfield College in IllinoisCHE 223/Organic Chemistry I4 Sem cr08/15/200005/01/2015
CHM914 - Organic Chemistry II
01/05/2017EndCHM9141761/Springfield College in IllinoisCHE 224/Organic Chemistry II4 Sem cr08/15/200005/01/2015
CRJ901 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
01/05/2017EndCRJ9011761/Springfield College in IllinoisCRJ 101/Introduction to the Criminal Justice System3 Sem cr01/01/200405/01/2015
CS911 - Computer Science I
01/05/2017EndCS9111761/Springfield College in IllinoisCSC 110/Computers and Programming with PASCAL3 Sem cr05/01/199905/01/2015
01/05/2017EndCS9111761/Springfield College in IllinoisCSC 116/Programming with C++3 Sem cr08/15/200205/01/2015
CS912 - Computer Science II
01/05/2017EndCS9121761/Springfield College in IllinoisCSC 220/Data Types and Structures3 Sem cr05/01/199905/01/2015
EGR931 - Electrical Circuits
01/03/2017EndEGR9317693/Shawnee Community CollegePHY 215/Introduction to Circuit Analysis3 Sem cr08/15/199801/01/2017
EGR941 - Engineering Design Graphics/CAD
01/17/2017ChangeEGR9417691/McHenry County CollegeEGR 151/Engineering Graphics => EGR 151/Engineering Graphics4 Sem cr => 3 Sem cr08/15/2011 
01/05/2017EndEGR9411761/Springfield College in IllinoisGEN 111/Engineering Graphics3 Sem cr05/01/200105/01/2015
01/04/2017ChangeEGR9418076/John A. Logan CollegeEGR 101/Engineering Graphics => EGR 101/Engineering Graphics3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
01/04/2017EndEGR9418076/John A. Logan CollegeEGR 101/Engineering Graphics2 Sem cr08/15/199908/15/2017
EGR942 - Statics
01/05/2017EndEGR9421761/Springfield College in IllinoisGEN 230/Statics2 Sem cr08/15/199805/01/2015
01/03/2017EndEGR9427693/Shawnee Community CollegeEGR 219/Engineering Statics3 Sem cr08/01/201401/01/2017
EGR943 - Dynamics
01/05/2017EndEGR9431761/Springfield College in IllinoisGEN 231/Dynamics3 Sem cr08/15/199805/01/2015
MC901 - Interpersonal Communication
01/30/2017EndMC9011752/Sauk Valley Community CollegeSPE 151/Interpersonal Communications3 Sem cr08/01/201608/15/2017
MC911 - Introduction to Mass Communication
01/30/2017EndMC9111752/Sauk Valley Community CollegeSPE 181/Introduction to Mass Communication3 Sem cr01/01/200108/15/2017
01/05/2017EndMC9111761/Springfield College in IllinoisCOM 150/Introduction to Mass Communications3 Sem cr08/15/200305/01/2015
MC912 - Introduction to Advertising
01/05/2017EndMC9121761/Springfield College in IllinoisCOM 222/Intro to Advertising3 Sem cr08/15/200405/01/2015
MC913 - Introduction to Public Relations
01/05/2017EndMC9131761/Springfield College in IllinoisCOM 221/Introduction to Public Relations3 Sem cr01/01/200405/01/2015
MC919 - Basic News Writing
01/26/2017EndMC9191641/Bradley UniversityCOM 215/Basic Reporting3 Sem cr05/01/199901/01/2017
01/05/2017EndMC9191761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 215/Basic News Writing3 Sem cr05/01/200305/01/2015
01/05/2017EndMC9191761/Springfield College in IllinoisCOM 209/Basic News Writing3 Sem cr05/01/200305/01/2015
MTH901 - Calculus I
01/05/2017EndMTH9011761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 223/Calculus/Analytic Geometry I5 Sem cr05/01/200005/01/2015
MTH902 - Calculus II
01/05/2017EndMTH9021761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 224/Calculus/Analytic Geometry II4 Sem cr05/01/200005/01/2015
MTH903 - Calculus III
01/05/2017EndMTH9031761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 225/Calculus/Analytic Geometry III4 Sem cr05/01/200005/01/2015
MTH911 - Intro to Linear Algebra
01/05/2017EndMTH9111761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 240/Linear Algebra3 Sem cr01/01/200305/01/2015
MTH912 - Differential Equations
01/18/2017ChangeMTH91220744/Frontier Community College (IECC)MTH 2181/Differential Equations => MTH 2181/Differential Equations3 Sem cr01/01/2013 => 04/11/2013 
01/05/2017EndMTH9121761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 243/Differential Equations3 Sem cr05/01/200005/01/2015

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