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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
H3901 - Introduction to Fiction
01/31/2017AddH39011737/Northern Illinois UniversityENGL 110/Literature and Popular Culture3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
P1905 - Earth Science
01/31/2017AddP19051737/Northern Illinois UniversityGEOG 105/Weather, Climate, and You3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
P1905L - Earth Science
01/31/2017AddP1905L1737/Northern Illinois UniversityGEOG 106/Weather and Climate Laboratory1 Sem cr08/15/2017 
S6903 - Child Psychology
01/31/2017AddS69031737/Northern Illinois UniversityHDFS 230/Child Development3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
S6902 - Life-span Developmental Psychology
01/31/2017AddS69021737/Northern Illinois UniversityHDFS 280/Human Development, the Family, and Society3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
S7902 - Marriage and Family
01/31/2017AddS79021737/Northern Illinois UniversityHDFS 284/Introduction to Family Relationships3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
S1902 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology
01/31/2017AddS19021737/Northern Illinois UniversityANTH 240/Becoming Human:Discovering Human Origins3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
H3909 - [National] Literature in Translation
01/31/2017AddH39091737/Northern Illinois UniversityFLRU 361/Russian Culture and Literature3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
S6903 - Child Psychology
01/30/2017AddS69031752/Sauk Valley Community CollegePSY 214/Child Developmental Psychology3 Sem cr08/15/2016 
C1900 - Writing Course Sequence
01/05/2017EndC19001761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 111/Composition and Rhetoric3 Sem cr05/01/200405/01/2015
C1901 - Writing Course Sequence
01/05/2017EndC19011761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 112/Composition and Literature3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
C1901R - Writing Course Sequence
01/05/2017EndC1901R1761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 112/Composition and Research3 Sem cr05/01/200405/01/2015
C2900 - Oral Communication
01/30/2017EndC29001752/Sauk Valley Community CollegeSPE 131 - online/Introduction to Oral Communication - online3 Sem cr08/15/201508/15/2017
01/30/2017EndC29001752/Sauk Valley Community CollegeSPE 131/Introduction to Oral Communication3 Sem cr01/01/201308/15/2017
01/05/2017EndC29001761/Springfield College in IllinoisSPH 110/Fundamentals of Speech3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
01/05/2017EndC29001761/Springfield College in IllinoisSPH 111/Public Speaking3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
F1900 - Music Appreciation
01/05/2017EndF19001761/Springfield College in IllinoisMUS 110/Music Appreciation3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
F1901 - Music History and Literature I
01/05/2017EndF19011761/Springfield College in IllinoisMUS 111/Music History and Literature I3 Sem cr05/01/200205/01/2015
F1902 - Music History and Literature II
01/05/2017EndF19021761/Springfield College in IllinoisMUS 112/Music History and Literature II3 Sem cr05/01/200205/01/2015
F1906 - Appreciation of Dance as an Art Form
01/05/2017EndF19061761/Springfield College in IllinoisDAN 101/Dance Appreciation3 Sem cr05/01/200205/01/2015
F1907 - Theatre Appreciation
01/05/2017EndF19071761/Springfield College in IllinoisTHR 121/Fund of Theatre Arts3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
01/05/2017EndF19071761/Springfield College in IllinoisTHR 122/Theatre Appreciation3 Sem cr08/15/200405/01/2015
F2900 - Art Appreciation
01/05/2017EndF29001761/Springfield College in IllinoisART 103/Art Appreciation3 Sem cr08/15/200505/01/2015
F2901 - History of Western Art I
01/05/2017EndF29011761/Springfield College in IllinoisART 211/History of Art I3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
F2902 - History of Western Art II
01/05/2017EndF29021761/Springfield College in IllinoisART 212/History of Art II3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H1900 - Foreign Language IV
01/05/2017EndH19001761/Springfield College in IllinoisFRN 122/Intermediate French II4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
01/05/2017EndH19001761/Springfield College in IllinoisSPN 122/Intermediate Spanish II4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H3901 - Introduction to Fiction
01/05/2017EndH39011761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 224/Lit: Studies in Short Fiction3 Sem cr05/01/200205/01/2015
H3902 - Introduction to Drama
01/05/2017EndH39021761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 225/Drama as Literature3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H3903 - Introduction to Poetry
01/05/2017EndH39031761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 223/Lit: Studies in Poetry3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H3905 - Introduction to Shakespeare
01/05/2017EndH39051761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 226/Intro to Shakespeare3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H3908N - Non-Western Literature in Translation
01/05/2017EndH3908N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 240/Non-Western Literature in Translation3 Sem cr05/01/200605/01/2015
H3910D - American Ethnic Literature
01/05/2017EndH3910D1761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 234/Intro to Asian American and Native American Author3 Sem cr08/15/200105/01/2015
01/05/2017EndH3910D1761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 232/Introduction to African American Authors3 Sem cr01/01/200005/01/2015
H3911D - Literature and Gender
01/05/2017EndH3911D1761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 230/Intro to Women Authors3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H3914 - Survey of American Literature I
01/05/2017EndH39141761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 227/Studies in Amer Lit I3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H3915 - Survey of American Literature II
01/05/2017EndH39151761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 228/Studies in Amer Lit II3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H4900 - Introduction to Philosophy
01/05/2017EndH49001761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHI 201/Introduction to Philosophy3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H4901 - History of Philosophy I
01/05/2017EndH49011761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHI 214/History of Philosophy I3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H4904 - Ethics
01/05/2017EndH49041761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHI 213/General Ethics3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H4906 - Introduction to Logic/Critical Thinking
01/05/2017EndH49061761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHI 211/Logic3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H5901 - Foundational Religious Texts
01/05/2017EndH59011761/Springfield College in IllinoisREL 110/Introduction to Biblical Thought3 Sem cr01/01/200005/01/2015
01/05/2017EndH59011761/Springfield College in IllinoisREL 217/The New Testament3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
01/05/2017EndH59011761/Springfield College in IllinoisREL 216/The Old Testament3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
H5904N - Comparative Religions
01/05/2017EndH5904N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisREL 219/Comp Studies in Religion3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
HF902 - Western Humanities I
01/05/2017EndHF9021761/Springfield College in IllinoisHUM 183/Humanities-Human Values I3 Sem cr05/01/200105/01/2015
HF903 - Western Humanities II
01/05/2017EndHF9031761/Springfield College in IllinoisHUM 184/Humanities-Human Values II3 Sem cr05/01/200105/01/2015
HF906D - American Ethnic Cultural Expression
01/05/2017EndHF906D1761/Springfield College in IllinoisHUM 221/Native American Cultural Expression3 Sem cr08/15/200505/01/2015
HF908 - Film and Literature
01/05/2017EndHF9081761/Springfield College in IllinoisENG 201/Literature on Film3 Sem cr08/15/200505/01/2015
L1900L - General Biology for Non-Majors
01/05/2017EndL1900L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisBIO 104/General Biology I with Lab4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
L1903L - Microbes and Society
01/03/2017ChangeL1903L1638/Black Hawk CollegeBIOL 135/Evolution of Microbes and Humans => BIOL 135/Evolution of Microbes and Humans3 Sem cr01/01/2013 => 01/01/2017
01/03/2017EndL1903L1638/Black Hawk CollegeBIOL 135/Evolution of Microbes and Humans3 Sem cr01/01/201308/15/2016
L1904L - Human Biology
01/05/2017EndL1904L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisBIO 102/Intro Human Biology with Lab4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
L1905 - Environmental Biology
01/05/2017ChangeL190520744/Frontier Community College (IECC)LSC 1105/Environmental Biology => LSC 1105/Environmental Biology4 Sem cr05/01/1998 
L1905L - Environmental Biology
01/05/2017EndL1905L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisBIO 103/Intro Environment Bio with Lab4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
LP900 - Interdisciplinary Physical and Life Science
01/05/2017EndLP9001761/Springfield College in IllinoisFSC 105/Introduction to Forensic Science3 Sem cr01/01/200205/01/2015
M1900 - College-level Calculus
01/05/2017EndM19001761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 122/Calculus for Social Scientists5 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
M1900-1 - College-level Calculus I
01/18/2017ChangeM1900-19786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)MTH 1171/Calculus and Analytic Geometry I => MTH 1171/Calculus and Analytic Geometry I5 Sem cr08/15/2004 
01/18/2017ChangeM1900-19786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)MTH 1171/Calculus and Analytic Geometry I => MTH 1171/Calculus and Analytic Geometry I5 Sem cr08/15/2004 
01/05/2017EndM1900-11761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 223/Calc/Analytic Geometry I5 Sem cr08/15/200405/01/2015
M1900-2 - College-level Calculus II
01/18/2017ChangeM1900-29786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)MTH 1172/Calculus and Analytic Geometry II => MTH 1172/Calculus and Analytic Geometry II5 Sem cr08/15/2004 
01/18/2017ChangeM1900-29786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)MTH 1172/Calculus and Analytic Geometry II => MTH 1172/Calculus and Analytic Geometry II5 Sem cr08/15/2004 
01/05/2017EndM1900-21761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 224/Calculus/Anayltic Geometry II4 Sem cr08/15/200405/01/2015
M1900-3 - College-level Calculus III
01/18/2017ChangeM1900-39786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)MTH 2173/Calculus and Analytic Geometry III => MTH 2173/Calculus and Analytic Geometry III4 Sem cr08/15/2004 
01/18/2017ChangeM1900-39786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)MTH 2173/Calculus and Analytic Geometry III => MTH 2173/Calculus and Analytic Geometry III4 Sem cr08/15/2004 
01/05/2017EndM1900-31761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 225/Calculus/Analytic Geometry III4 Sem cr08/15/200405/01/2015
M1902 - General Education Statistics
01/05/2017EndM19021761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 124/Statistics3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
01/05/2017EndM19021761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 125/Statistics With Applications3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
M1903 - Mathematics for Elementary Teaching I and II
01/05/2017EndM19031761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 111/Fundamentals of Modern Mathematics II3 Sem cr01/01/200205/01/2015
M1904 - General Education Mathematics
01/05/2017EndM19041761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 106/Numeracy3 Sem cr01/01/200005/01/2015
M1906 - Finite Mathematics
01/05/2017EndM19061761/Springfield College in IllinoisMAT 121/Finite Mathematics3 Sem cr01/01/200205/01/2015
P1900L - General Education Physics
01/09/2017EndP1900L1737/Northern Illinois UniversityPHYS 150A/Physics4 Sem cr05/01/199808/15/2016
01/05/2017EndP1900L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHY 200/Basic Physics with Lab4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
01/05/2017EndP1900L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHY 201/College Physics I4 Sem cr01/01/200805/01/2015
P1901L - Physics and Society
01/05/2017EndP1901L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHY 211/General Physics I with Lab5 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
P1902L - General Education Chemistry
01/05/2017EndP1902L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisCHE 101/Basic Chemistry I with Lab4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
P1903L - Chemistry and Society
01/05/2017EndP1903L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisCHE 105/Intro Chemistry with Lab4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
P1906L - Introduction to Astronomy
01/05/2017EndP1906L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHY 205/The Universe: Stars, Galaxies, and Deep Space4 Sem cr01/01/200505/01/2015
01/05/2017EndP1906L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHY 206/The Universe: Stars, Planets and Our Solar System4 Sem cr01/01/200505/01/2015
P1907L - Introduction to Geology
01/26/2017EndP1907L1737/Northern Illinois UniversityGEOL 320/Environments and Life Through Time4 Sem cr08/15/200101/01/2017
01/18/2017ChangeP1907L9786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)GEL 1112/Physical Geology => GEL 1112/Physical Geology4 Sem cr05/01/1998 
01/18/2017ChangeP1907L1742/Olney Central College (IECC)GEL 1110/General Geology => GEL 1110/General Geology3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
01/05/2017ChangeP1907L20744/Frontier Community College (IECC)GEL 1112/Physical Geology => GEL 1112/Physical Geology4 Sem cr05/01/1998 
P1909L - Physical Geography
01/05/2017EndP1909L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisGEO 105/Physical Geography with Lab4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
P2900L - Calculus-based Physics I
01/05/2017EndP2900L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHY 213/Engineering Physics Mechanics4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
P9900 - General Physical Science
01/05/2017EndP99001761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHS 104/Physical Science II3 Sem cr01/01/200405/01/2015
P9900L - General Physical Science
01/05/2017EndP9900L1761/Springfield College in IllinoisPHS 103/Physical Science I with Lab4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
01/03/2017EndP9900L7693/Shawnee Community CollegePHS 112/Physical Science-Physics4 Sem cr05/01/199801/01/2017
S1901N - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
01/05/2017EndS1901N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisANT 110/Cultural Anthropology3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S1902 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology
01/31/2017EndS19021737/Northern Illinois UniversityANTH 101/Human Origins3 Sem cr05/01/199808/15/2017
01/05/2017EndS19021761/Springfield College in IllinoisANT 112/Physical Anthropology3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S2900 - United States History I
01/05/2017EndS29001761/Springfield College in IllinoisHIS 221/US Hist Thru Reconstruction3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S2901 - United States History II
01/05/2017EndS29011761/Springfield College in IllinoisHIS 222/US History since Reconstruction3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S2902 - History of Western Civilization I
01/05/2017EndS29021761/Springfield College in IllinoisHIS 101/Western Civilization I3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S2903 - History of Western Civilization II
01/05/2017EndS29031761/Springfield College in IllinoisHIS 102/Western Civilization II3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S2910N - History of Latin America I
01/05/2017EndS2910N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisHIS 108/History of Latin America3 Sem cr01/01/199905/01/2015
S2912N - World History I
01/18/2017ChangeS2912N9786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)HIS 1120/World History to 1500 => HIS 1120/World History to 15003 Sem cr01/01/2015 => 10/01/2015 
S2913N - World History II
01/05/2017EndS2913N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisHIS 224/The Contemporary World: 1945-Present3 Sem cr08/15/199905/01/2015
S2918N - History of the Middle East I
01/05/2017EndS2918N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisHIS 110/History of the Middle East3 Sem cr01/01/199905/01/2015
S3901 - Principles of Macroeconomics
01/05/2017EndS39011761/Springfield College in IllinoisECO 211/Principles of Economics I3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S3902 - Principles of Microeconomics
01/05/2017EndS39021761/Springfield College in IllinoisECO 212/Principles Economics II3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S4900N - Introduction to Human Geography
01/05/2017EndS4900N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisGEO 104/World Regional Geography3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S4903N - Introduction to Economic Geography
01/05/2017EndS4903N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisGEO 107/Economic Geography3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S5900 - American/U.S. National Government I
01/05/2017EndS59001761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSC 210/Am. Federal Government3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S5902 - American/U.S. State and Local Government
01/05/2017EndS59021761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSC 211/State and Local Govt3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S5903 - Introduction to Political Science
01/05/2017EndS59031761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSC 110/Introduction to Political Science3 Sem cr08/15/200305/01/2015
S5904 - International Relations
01/05/2017EndS59041761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSC 220/International Relations3 Sem cr08/15/200005/01/2015
S5905 - Comparative Government
01/05/2017EndS59051761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSC 230/Comparative Government3 Sem cr08/15/200305/01/2015
S5906N - Non-Western Comparative Government
01/05/2017EndS5906N1761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSC 231/Comparative Government (Non-Western)3 Sem cr08/15/199905/01/2015
S6900 - General Psychology
01/18/2017ChangeS69009786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)PSY 1101/General Psychology I => PSY 1101/General Psychology I3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
01/05/2017EndS69001761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSY 210/General Psychology3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S6902 - Life-span Developmental Psychology
01/05/2017EndS69021761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSY 215/Growth and Development3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S6903 - Child Psychology
01/30/2017EndS69031752/Sauk Valley Community CollegePSY 214/Child Psychology3 Sem cr01/01/201308/15/2016
S7900 - Introduction to Sociology
01/18/2017ChangeS79009786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)SOC 2101/Principles of Sociology => SOC 2101/Principles of Sociology3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
01/18/2017ChangeS79001742/Olney Central College (IECC)SOC 2101/Principles of Sociology => SOC 2101/Principles of Sociology3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
01/18/2017ChangeS79001779/Wabash Valley College (IECC)SOC 2101/Principles of Sociology => SOC 2101/Principles of Sociology3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
01/05/2017ChangeS790020744/Frontier Community College (IECC)SOC 2101/Principles of Sociology => SOC 2101/Principles of Sociology3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
01/05/2017EndS79001761/Springfield College in IllinoisSOC 210/Introductory Sociology3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S7901 - Social Problems
01/05/2017EndS79011761/Springfield College in IllinoisSOC 211/Social Problems3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S7902 - Marriage and Family
01/05/2017EndS79021761/Springfield College in IllinoisSOC 213/Marriage and Family3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
S8900 - Social Psychology
01/05/2017EndS89001761/Springfield College in IllinoisSOC 215/Social Psychology3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2015
01/05/2017EndS89001761/Springfield College in IllinoisPSY 211/Social Psychology3 Sem cr01/01/200205/01/2015

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