Database Terms

Glossary of Some Terms Used in the IAI Database, Database Edit System, and Database Update Reports

IAI Begin Date - Indicates when the course became approved for use in the IAI

IAI End Date - Indicates when the course is no longer approved for use in the IAI

Editing Courses with END, ADD, CHANGE, and DELETE

    END - Indicates that the course is no longer acceptable as an IAI course.

    Examples of appropriate END usage -

  1. Ending a course when a panel or the submitting school requests that the course be withdrawn from the IAI database. The END date used should be the end of the semester in which the request was received, or the end of the semester in which the course was last offered or the course can be ended on a future date.

  2. Ending a course because the prefix/number or hours have changed. The old course is ended and the revised course is added.

ADD - Indicates that a new course is being added to the database or an existing course is being revised due to a change in prefix/number or credit hours. or a revised existing course "change in Prefix & Number" is being added to the database.

    Examples of appropriate ADD usage -

  1. Adding a new course after a faculty panel has approved it for use in the IAI.

  2. Adding a course that contains a revision to the prefix/number or credit hours.

CHANGE - Change should only be used to correct minor typographical errors to course titles that do not affect course content or that do not require panel review.

    Examples of appropriate CHANGE usage -

  1. Changing a course title that reads "Intro to Psylogy" to "Introduction to Psychology"

DELETE - When a course is deleted from the database it is obliterated and will not show up on any of the student searches. The record is purged from the historical record visible on the student searches. The delete will show up in the database history information available to schools in the form of a transaction log. In the interest of client service, DELETE use should be rare since it causes problems for participating institutions in the maintenance of their database and could cause poor client service to students. A course is deleted if for any reason it no longer exists at a date prior to the panel's agreement becoming effective for students. If the effective date of a panel's recommendation has passed and members decide that a course is no longer appropriate or was never appropriate, then END rather than DELETE is the preferred transaction

Examples of appropriate DELETE usage -

  • Deleting courses that obviously do not exist at a school from the database. e.g. The prefix and number entered are vastly different from the nomenclature used by the school.

  • Deleting courses from the database that has not been made available to the public i.e., the effective date of the panel agreement has not started.

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