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Use the pop-down menus below to view modifications ("transactions") to the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Curriculum (IAI GECC) database. Please read the additional information below before continuing.

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The IAI GECC Database Update History will provide you with information regarding modifications ("transactions") that have been made to the database. Modifications are listed in chronological order (oldest-to-newest or newest-to-oldest, depending on your choice) and provide a transactional database history. In order to organize the list of changes into a more manageable size, you can request a list of changes for specific months or for an entire year. If you are relying on this information to update your own database, it is important that changes are made in chronological order from oldest to newest. Why? Multiple changes may have been made to a particular course over time and the transactional nature of this list only provides changes as they were made.

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