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Name of School School Course No. School Course Title Credits
College of Lake County PHY 120 Practical Aspects of Physics 4 Sem
Columbia College Chicago 57-1620 Physics of Music 3 Sem
Columbia College Chicago 56-1810 Physics: Light, Sounds, & Electricity 4 Sem
Concordia University Chicago PHY 1110 Physics of Things We Use 3 Sem
Eastern Illinois University PHY 1072 Phy/Sound&Mus, Lab 1 Sem
Eastern Illinois University PHY 1053G Adven in Phy,Lab 1 Sem
Eureka College PHS 110 Introduction to Physical Science 4 Sem
Frontier Community College (IECC) PHY 1110 Survey of Physics 4 Sem
Harper College PHY 112 Energy and Society 4 Sem
Illinois Central College PHYS 110 Foundations of Physics 4 Sem
Illinois State University PHY 102 Atoms to Galaxies 3 Sem
Joliet Junior College PHYS 110 Physics of Sound, Music, and Hearing 4 Sem
Lewis & Clark Community College PHYS 130 Concepts of Physics 4 Sem
Lincoln Trail College (IECC) PHY 1110 Survey of Physics 4 Sem
Olney Central College (IECC) PHY 1110 Survey of Physics 4 Sem
Parkland College PHY 129 How Things Work Laboratory 1 Sem
Prairie State College PHYSI 101 Conceptual Physics 4 Sem
Rockford University PHYS 101 Physics for Poets and Non-Poets 4 Sem
Southern Illinois University Carbondale PHYS 101 Physics That Changed The World 3 Sem
Wabash Valley College (IECC) PHY 1110 Survey of Physics 4 Sem
Western Illinois University PHYS 100 Physics for Society 4 Sem

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