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IAI Major Course Description - MTH912 : Differential Equations

(3-4 semester credits)

The course must cover:  First-order equations (including initial value problems, basic numerical methods, existence and uniqueness of solutions, separable equations, linear equations, exact equations, substitution methods and applications).  Higher-order equations (including the general solution to homogeneous linear equations, linear independence, method of undetermined coefficients, the general solution to linear non-homogeneous equations, variation of parameters, and applications).  In addition to the above, the course must cover at least two of the following in detail:  1. Solutions of initial value problems by Laplace transforms, 2. Power series solutions, 3. Partial differential equations and Fourier series, 4. Systems of linear differential equations, 5. Further numerical methods, 6. Non-cursory treatment of other advanced topics. Prerequisite: MTH 902, Calculus II with a C or better.

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