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IAI Major Course Description - MC912 : Introduction to Advertising

(3 semester credits)

Topics include the role of advertising in integrated marketing communications, consumer behavior, creative strategies, and types of media. Integrated into the course are practical applications. On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • define terminology and explain concepts regarding dimensions/foundations of advertising;
  • explain the social, legal, and ethical aspects of advertising;
  • explain the relationship between advertising and marketing;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the role of advertising in integrated marketing communications;
  • recognize the factors that influence consumer behavior;
  • explain the target marketing process;
  • use marketing and advertising research;
  • analyze and understand the importance of creative strategies and executions in advertising campaigns;
  • demonstrate an understanding of media planning; and
  • weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using different media to convey the advertising message.

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