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IAI Major Course Description - EGR945 : Strength of Material/Mechanics of Solids

(3-4 semester credits)

Topics include concepts of stress and strain; material properties (elastic and plastic); torsion: shear stresses and deformations; thermal stresses; thin-walled pressure vessels; pure bending: stresses and strains; transverse loading of beams: shear stress and combined loadings; transformation of stress and strain (Mohr's Circle); design of beams and shafts for strength: shear and moment diagrams; deflection of beams; energy methods; and columns. Prerequisite: Statics.
Demonstrate the ability and skills to analyze and interpret stress, strain, deformation, deflection, and loading in a variety of materials and conditions.
Learning Outcomes (borrowed from Ohio Transfer Assurance Guide)
1. Compute the stress, strain and deformation in a member carrying axial tensile or compressive loads.
2. Compute direct shear stress.
3. Compute bending stresses.
4. Compute torsional shear stress and deformation.
5. Compute the stress due to loading in beams.
6. Consider stress concentrations in stress analysis.
7. Compute shear stress in beams.
8. Compute the deflection of beams due to a variety of loading and support.
9. Compute resultant stresses due to axial, shear, and bending effects.
10. Evaluate stresses using Mohr’s circle.

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