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IAI Major Course Description - EGR944 : [Combined] Statics and Dynamics

(5 semester credits)

A single course that includes the topics listed for both EGR 942 and EGR 943. Prerequisite: Calculus I.
Demonstrate ability to solve two and three-dimensional force systems by vector and scalar methods. Learn to apply principles of forces to problems involving structures and friction. Demonstrate skills in problem solving by identifying, formulating, and solving engineering problems in the dynamics topic areas previously mentioned.
1. Break force vectors into component and combine forces into a resultant.
2. Compute moments and couples.
3. Evaluate systems in force and moment static equilibrium.
4. Determine forces on members in a truss, frame, and pulley.
5. Apply friction laws to direction, wedges, belt, disk, incline.
6. Determine the centroid of areas.
7. Determine moments of inertia.
8. Analyze forces, unit vectors, components in 3-D
9. Determine forces and moments by virtual work.
Learning Outcomes (borrowed from Ohio Transfer Assurance Guide)
1. Determine and evaluate kinematics of particles.
2. Determine and evaluate kinematics of rigid bodies.
3. Apply Newton’s laws of motion to solve dynamics problems.
4. Evaluate applications involving work and kinetic energy.
5. Determine kinetics of rigid bodies.
6. Evaluate applications of three-dimensional dynamics of rigid bodies.
7. Evaluate applications involving vibration and time response

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