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IAI Major Course Description - EGR932L : Digital Systems

(4 semester credits)

Digital Systems (4 semester credits)
Description: An introduction to computer engineering. Topics include representation of information; binary system; Boolean algebra; switching circuits; combinational switching circuits, and sequential switching circuits; macro-circuits; and wired and stored program processor concepts(e.g. ROM). Students who do not complete the required laboratory may need to do so after transfer if their engineering school requires one. Prerequisite: College Algebra. This course includes a lab.
• Introduction
• Boolean Functions and Representations Function simplification
• Boolean Algebra
• Boolean Function Simplifications-K-Maps
• Combinational Circuit Synthesis-Switches and Gates
• CMOS Implementation of Gates
• Hazard Analysis of Combinational Circuits
• Computer Arithmetic and Circuits
• Basic Memory Elements (FFs-types, triggering)
• Finite State Machine (FSM) Synthesis
• Moore versus Mealy FSMs
• Synthesis of Synchronous Sequential Circuits
• Clocking Methods (edge-triggered, narrow-width,2-phase)
• Clock Period Determination
• Understand Boolean algebra and the synthesis of logic expressions.
• Understand the fundamental logic gates (e.g. NOT, AND, OR, NOR, NAND) and their truth tables.
• Be able to simplify logic expressions (e.g. Karnaugh maps, Quine-McClusky, etc.)
• Understand the various types of latches and flip-flops and their use in sequential logic.
• Know how to design, build, and test both combinational and sequential logic circuits to implement a logic function (half-adder, full-adder, multiplexer/demultiplexer, encoder/decoder, counter, shift register, etc.)
• Understand the limitations of practical logic gates (e.g. timing requirements, propagation delay, fan-in, fan-out, input margins, etc.)
• Be able to identify hazards in logic circuits.

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