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IAI Major Course Description - BUS902 : Computer Applications for Business

(3-4 semester credits)

Course Description: Designed primarily for students planning to major in business.  Course will acquaint and train students in the use of business software including word processing, database management, spreadsheets, presentation software, and Internet access methods. 

Course Objectives:

Use an operating system to perform file management techniques.

Browse the Internet to evaluate web sites for creditability, install and use business communication software and apps (including email and computer conferencing), and research and manage data to communicate with others safely and securely.

Understand and use basic coding principles for web design.

Utilize word processing software to create, edit, and format business documents and perform mail merges.

Utilize spreadsheet software to create and edit formulas, functions, charts, pivot tables, and ‘what if’ analysis to solve business problems.

Use database software to create and design tables, forms, queries (selecting and filtering features), and reports.

Use presentation software to create, design, and share presentations that include enhanced features and web tools.

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