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IAI Major Course Description - BIO910 : Introductory Sequence for Biological Sciences Majors

(8-10 semester credits)

IAI Major Course Description – BIO 910: Introductory Sequence for Biological Sciences Majors

(8-10 semester credits; 2- or 3-course sequence) 

This combination of courses covers all the essential topics in a modern introductory biology sequence, including Evolution, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Organismal Biology, and Ecology.  Course content includes: evolution as a unifying theme in biology; an introduction to biochemistry, cell structure, function, and processes; transmission and molecular genetics; an introduction to the diversity of major groups of microorganisms, fungi, animals, and plants; structure and function of representative organ systems in animals and/or plants; as well as ecological principles spanning a range of biological organization from physiological ecology of organisms to ecosystem ecology. 

Laboratory is required in all courses in the sequence, which must include exposure to current biological techniques and instrumentation, and emphasize development of scientific investigative skills, rather than strict reliance on demonstrational and observational exercises. 

To ensure simple & straight forward transfer of credit, students MUST complete the entire course sequence at the same school before transfer.  

Content Sequence must explicitly cover the following topics for IAI acceptance:
          • "Science", as a Process
          • Evolution
          • Biological chemistry
          • Cell structure & function
          • Cell processes:
                   metabolism (e.g., respiration and/or photosynthesis)
          • Genetics:
                   transmission (i.e., "Mendelian")
          • Diversity:
                   microorganisms (including viruses, prokaryotes, & eukaryotes)
          • Anatomy and physiology of plants and/or animals
          • Ecology (covering a range of scales from individuals to ecosystems)

Objectives The student who completes this core sequence should be able to:
          • Demonstrate an understanding of biological evolution. 
          • Demonstrate an understanding of matter, energy, and organization in living systems.  
          • Demonstrate an understanding of the biochemistry and metabolism of organisms.
          • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental concepts of cell structure,     function, and processes. 
          • Explain the major concepts of transmission and molecular genetics. 
          • Differentiate the major taxonomic groups.  
          • Analyze the functions and interrelationships of various organismal systems.  
          • Explain the major concepts of ecology. 
          • Utilize the methods of science to identify and investigate questions relevant to biology. 
          • Demonstrate the ability to use current techniques and instruments that enable the study of a diversity of organisms on
            the biochemical, microscopic, and macroscopic levels.

NOTE 1): Effective 05/01/04 (semester system) and 03/15/04 (quarter system), the single BIO 910 sequence replaced the BIO 911+912, and BIO 913+914+915, sequences.

NOTE 2): Panel will ONLY evaluate materials for complete introductory sequences.  Incomplete materials will be returned as “Need More Information.”  In addition, institutional representatives that would like to have their Introductory Biology sequence reviewed for approval as IAI BIO 910, should submit the required materials which are described here: Please see description of required submission materials here:  PANEL RELATED DOCUMENTS

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