Active Major Core Courses

Here is the list of the active Major core courses as of Friday, January 19, 2018 . This is a list of courses that are currently active and have major code identifiers.

Important Note: This list does not not currently include major courses that have the GECC codes, such as English, History, Psychology, and Sociology..

Course MajorIAI CODETitleSem CreditQtr Credit
Course Major: Agriculture
AGAG 901Introductory Economics of Food, Fiber and Natural Resources3-4 
AGAG 902Introduction to Animal Science3-4 
AGAG 903Introduction to Crop or Plant Science3-4 
AGAG 904Introduction to Soil Science44
AGAG 905Introduction to Horticulture3 
AGAG 906Introduction to Agricultural Mechanization3-4 
AGAG 911Introduction to Agriculture Education2-3 
AGAG 912Introduction to Floral Design2-3 
AGAG 913Introductory Microcomputer Skills in Agriculture3 
Course Major: Art
ARTART 904Drawing I3 
ARTART 905Drawing II3 
ARTART 906Life/Figure Drawing3 
ARTART 907Two-dimensional Design3 
ARTART 908Three-dimensional Design3 
Course Major: Biology
BIOBIO 910Introductory Sequence for Biological Sciences Majors8-10 
Course Major: Business
BUSBUS 901Business Statistics3-44-5
BUSBUS 902Computer Applications for Business3-44-5
BUSBUS 903Financial Accounting3-44-5
BUSBUS 904Managerial Accounting3-44-5
Course Major: Chemistry
CHMCHM 911 General Chemistry I4-5 
CHMCHM 912General Chemistry II4-54-5
CHMCHM 913Organic Chemistry I4-54-5
CHMCHM 914Organic Chemistry II4-54-5
Course Major: Criminal Justice
CRJCRJ 901Introduction to Criminal Justice33
CRJCRJ 911Introduction to Corrections33
CRJCRJ 912Introduction to Criminology33
CRJCRJ 914Juvenile Justice33
Course Major: Computer Science
CSCS 911Computer Science I3-43-4
CSCS 912Computer Science II3-43-4
CSCS 915Discrete Structures3-44.5-6
Course Major: Engineering
EGREGR 931Electrical Circuits33-4
EGREGR 931LElectrical Circuits43-4
EGREGR 932Digital Systems33
EGREGR 932LDigital Systems44
EGREGR 941Engineering Design Graphics/CAD3-44.5-6
EGREGR 942Statics2-32-3
EGREGR 943Dynamics2-32-3
EGREGR 944[Combined] Statics and Dynamics55
EGREGR 945Strength of Material/Mechanics of Solids3-43-4
Course Major: Media and Communication Arts
MCMC 901Interpersonal Communication34.5
MCMC 902Small Group Communication34.5
MCMC 903Organizational Communication34.5
MCMC 904Intercultural Communication34.5
MCMC 905Argumentation34.5
MCMC 911Introduction to Mass Communication33
MCMC 912Introduction to Advertising33
MCMC 913Introduction to Public Relations33
MCMC 914Introduction to Broadcasting33
MCMC 915Introduction to Audio Production33
MCMC 916Introduction to Video Production33
MCMC 916-AIntroduction to Video Production – Multi-Camera34.5
MCMC 916-BIntroduction to Video Production – Field34.5
MCMC 917Broadcast Writing33
MCMC 918Basic Broadcast Announcing33
MCMC 919Basic News Writing33
MCMC 920Basic News Editing33
MCMC 921Photojournalism33
MCMC 922Writing for Multimedia33
MCMC 923Introduction to Web Site Development33
MCMC 924Basic Animation33
Course Major: Mathematics
MTHMTH 901Calculus I4-50
MTHMTH 902Calculus II3-50
MTHMTH 903Calculus III3-50
MTHMTH 911Intro to Linear Algebra3-40
MTHMTH 912Differential Equations3-40
Course Major: Physics
PHYPHY 911 Calculus-based Physics I - Mechanics4-56-7.5
PHYPHY 912 Calculus-based Physics II - Electricity and Magnetism4-56-7.5
PHYPHY 913 Introductory Thermal Physics and Other Topics 2-43-6
PHYPHY 914Quantum Physics and Other Topics2-43-6
Course Major: Political Science
PLSPLS 913 Introduction to Political Philosophy33
Course Major: Psychology
PSYPSY 905Abnormal Psychology33
PSYPSY 908Social Psychology33
Course Major: Theatre Arts
TATA 911Stagecraft3-40
TATA 914Acting I30
TATA 916Performance of Literature30
TATA 917Play Analysis for Production30

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