IAI Panel Membership - per the Policies and Procedures Manual 2013


1. A fully-complemented panel will consist of 26 members:

               a. Nine (9) faculty members from community colleges

               b. One (1) academic officer or approved designee from a community college

               c. One (1) dean or approved designee from a public university

               d. Eight (8) faculty from public universities

               e. Four (4) faculty from independent institutions

               f. Three (3) transfer coordinators, one from each sector - community

               college, public university, independent institution.

2. With approval of IBHE and ICCB staff, panels may choose to invite, as ex-officio

members of the panel, consultants, representatives from professional associations,

secondary teachers, employers, and others.

3. Each panel will select from among its members a co-chair representing the

baccalaureate sector and a co-chair representing the two year sector.

4. With approval of IBHE and ICCB staff, panels may modify the panel composition

to address discipline-specific needs.


1. Panel appointments will be made by the IBHE and ICCB staff, keeping in mind

both institutional demographics (e.g. two-year/four-year institution; public or

private institution, etc.), as well as individual expertise in the panel discipline.

2. If a panel vacancy should occur before the member's term has expired, via

removal, resignation, or otherwise, IBHE and ICCB staff will appoint a new



1. Individual membership on a panel will be for a term of three (3) years.

2. Panel co-chairs will serve a term of three (3) years.

a. Should a co-chair step down, he/she will continue to serve as a panel

member until the individual term expires.

3. Panel members and co-chairs may serve multiple terms at the discretion of the


To find these details in the P&P Manual, check page 11

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