IAI Related Documents

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Policy and Procedures Manual page

Additional Illinois Articulation Initiative Policy and Procedures

IBHE Policies on Transfer and Articulation Handout

IAI Panels: Status and Plans - Includes Effective Dates for Freshman

IAI Catalog Information - Information for Inclusion in Institutional Catalog

2008 Active Majors Letter

IAI Evaluation - item # 11 from IBHE Agenda April 2006,

IAI Revisions/30 hour Memorandum

IAI Major Panel Recommendations Memo (Round 1)

Acceptance of the IAI Major Panel recommendations (Round 1)

IAI Major Panel recommendations 2/3/2011 (Round 2)

Acceptance of the IAI Major Panel recommendations (Round 2)

IAI Major Panel Recommendations Memo (Round 3)

Acceptance of the IAI Major Panel recommendations (Round 3) excel of results in pdf

Important IAI updates email of 08/06/2013 - sent to TC's, IAI Contacts, CAO's, Submitters, All IAI Panel Members - regarding panel information, policy and procedures updates, etc.

Important IAI updates 05/18/2015 MEMO Regarding ending structure of applied science courses within IAI Life Sciences Descriptors

IAI Panel Related Documents

Panel Related Information and Documents - Information and documents related to each panel including voting criteria, and sample syllabi


How to Make Changes to membership and contact information - Includes Information on personnel changes, transfer coordinators, and contact information

Course Management - Includes Information on course submisions and changes

IAI/iTransfer Reports

iTransfer 2016 Annual Report

iTransfer 2015 Annual Report

iTransfer 2014 Annual Report

iTransfer 2013 Annual Report

FY2013 iManage Panel and Course Review Statistics

iTransfer 2012 Annual Report

iTransfer 2011 Annual Report

iTransfer 2010 Annual Report

iTransfer 2009 Annual Report

 Transfer Studies and Statistics

Transfer Study - Transfer Study of Enrollments, General Education Component, Graduation and Course Articulation For Selected Fall Enrollments and Graduation Sessions at Illinois State University Study completed in April 2002 and May 2002 Bachelor Degree Graduates

IAI Visibility Study Report - IBHE staff informal in-house study of the visibility of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) on the websites of the 12 public universities and 48 community colleges in the state. Table for Visibility Study

Transfer Student Satisfaction Survey Illinois Articulation Initiative Final report to the Illinois Board of Higher Education by Micheal Peddle and Charles E. Trott Center for Governmental Studies and Northern Illinois University.

Historical IAI Documents

History of the IAI Project

Illinois Transferable Gen Ed Core Curriculum Document, Effective May 2001

Articulation Recommendations for Bac. Majors Document, Revised June 1998

Illinois Transferable Gen Ed Core Curriculum Document, Revised May 1998

IAI Fifth-Year Review and Evaluation Plan

Newsletter Archive

List of IAI Course Descriptions added to General Education and Major Recommendations after Initial Endorsement

When Associate Degrees Incorporated the IAI GECC

Information on the original Compact

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