7 steps to Successful Course Submission

This section provides information for the submission process for corrections and ending of existing courses and submission process for new courses. "One Course's Journey" provides a Graphical Representation overview of the submission process.

Courses are submitted via the iManage System, in conjunction or with the assistance of your institutions’ identified submitter. If you do not have an institutional submitter identified, please contact to do so as soon as possible.

Options to Identify courses for submission

IAI Course Descriptions Displays the course descriptions for IAI codes.

Review Courses currently or previously offered by an institution Verify that offerings are correct and updated.

Every IAI course not at a school This will allow an institution to find IAI identifiers that do not currently have an approved course at an institution.

Determine the type of submission and review instructions:

Appeals Request for Panel to Review Another Institution's Matched Course
Request for a Panel to Reconsider a Course for Approval

Corrections Request to End or Change an existing Course

New Courses Request to Add a New Course


Review Panel Related documents for additional panel specific requirements and guidelines for courses that need to be reviewed by panel.

Complete appropriate course submission

Course submission/ End/Change forms Information

Online End/Change Form : For changes in prefix, number and title and/or for IAI approved courses that will no longer be offered by an institution. These changes should NOT be of a curricular nature. Such changes require full panel review.

Online Course Submission via iManage :

Appropriate for submitting a new course for IAI approval

For a change in course description, course level, IAI code

For a reduction or increase in credit hours for an existing approved course

For a change in prefix, number, title or reduction in courses tied together with "and"/"or"

For any change in learning outcomes or course descriptions that would constitute a curriculum change

Submission materials must provide:

Course description

Student learning outcomes

Topical outline and weekly schedule

Methods of evaluation of student learning directly linked to course objectives and outcomes

Grading criteria and scale

Description of assignments, writing assignments, projects, and labs if a lab course - If the course is a lab course, panels need details such as methods and materials included in the labs and associated outcomes the student is expected to gain from a particular lab activity. A specific lab form is not required.

All materials submitted for panel review must be recent and representative.

If Prerequisites are required for a course, please include the institutional course number, institutional course name, and when IAI approved, IAI code.

Save all documents as a PDF file (whenever possible) using the following naming convention:

[SchoolName_Courseprefixandnumber_PotentialIAIcode ] For example, IllinoisState_MAT101_M1902. Please do not add spaces or extra punctuation including “.”

Provide electronic copies of submission form and all supporting documents:

In conjunction with your institutional course submitter, complete all necessary sections of the submission form within the iManage System. Panel specific questions, documents, and checklist items can be found on the Panel Related Documents page . You can attach up to 5 documents to the submission. If you need to send in more documents than the allowed number, please email additional files to . If you would like to attach a hardcopy of the submission form, it can be downloaded at: Hardcopy Submission Form .

Submit all forms and supporting documentation by posted deadlines:

October 1st for Fall and March 1st for Spring.

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