Course Management

This page provides information on the Course submission process, Course descriptions, Course searches, as well as access to database history.

IAI Course Descriptions
Provides access to the IAI course descriptions, a list of all IAI courses and a quick guide to understanding the IAI course numbering system.

Course Submissions
Provides access to both the procedures and relevant forms for submission, change, or appeals of a existing or new course.

Request to End (Change) a Course
A request to end a course already in the database does not require panel action; however, ended courses will continue to be listed with an ending date to accommodate students who registered for the course or completed it while it was active.
A course change is both an End and an Add-i.e., the course already listed will be ended, and the "revised" course will be added as a new course. Course changes that do not change course content-e.g., a change in prefix, number of title (if neither the content nor the level of the course has changed)-may or may not need to be reviewed by the panel.
To make a change or end a course, use the End/Change Web Form. An End (Change) Form may be used for more than one course. The following is the minimum information necessary to end a course:

  • Institution's Name and FICE code
  • IAI General Education or Major Course Code
  • Institution's Course Prefix and Number and Course Title
  • Course Ending Date (term and year)
  • Signature of institution's Transfer Coordinator
Requests to add/end courses must be submitted in writing to the relevant panel by the institution's official transfer coordinator (or official institutional contact person, if no transfer coordinator).

Course Searches
Provides the ability to search for Gen Ed and major courses by school, by major,as well as the ability to search for course-to-course matches.

Database History
Provides information on the changes made to the IAI course database. In order to assist schools with maintaining accurate course data, we have several ways to view the changes.

NEW! - Search for submitted courses placed on WebReview

You find out if your course submission has been posted to WebReview as well as panel status and decisions. Searches available for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and a year.

Grape HandReminder: All panel correspondence must be routed through iTransfer at . This is to insure that all panel members receive the information. Email all correspondence.

Announcement: Course Submission Web Form Now Available!

If you would like to submit a course, you may use our new automated submission page: Course Submission Web Form. You can also find the hardcopy forms available for download on our Course Submission Forms and Information page and the Faculty/Advisor page.

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